About Measure T

Measure T makes the critical upgrades San Mateo and Foster City schools need to provide safe, modern learning environments for all students. Our schools have served us well, but some schools are now decades old and require essential repairs so they can provide a high-quality, 21st-century education to local students for decades to come.


Vote YES on Measure T to provide locally controlled funding to upgrade San Mateo and Foster City schools and provide safe, modern learning environments for all students.

San Mateo and Foster City schools are at the heart of our communities. Good schools maintain our quality of life and protect our home values.


However, our schools are aging and in need of urgent repairs. These upgrades are more important than ever to ensure 21st-century learning and student health and safety – the time to invest in our schools is now.


Measure T updates computer technology to allow students to more effectively work from home when health and safety requires it.


Measure T makes the modernizations our schools need to support the high demand for hands-on science education.


Voting YES on T replaces heating and air conditioning systems to filter classroom air, and remove viruses, smoke and other air pollutants. Measure T also provides handwashing stations in every classroom for student and staff hygiene.

Vote YES on T:
  • Upgrade classrooms for science, technology, engineering, math, art and music instruction

  • Modernize science labs to support hands-on, 21st-century instruction

  • Provide student computers and classroom technology, as well as Wi-Fi in underserved areas, to support distance learning and ensure all students can access the internet

  • Repair deteriorating bathrooms, plumbing, sewer, electrical, heating and cooling systems

  • Install and upgrade air conditioning and ventilation systems

  • Upgrade schools to meet current earthquake, fire, health and safety standards 

Local Funds for San Mateo and Foster City Schools
  • All Measure T funds stay local to benefit both San Mateo and Foster City schools

  • No funds can be taken away by the State or used for administrators’ salaries

  • Independent citizens’ oversight and audits are required

Whether or not you have school-age children,
voting YES on T is a wise investment.
Join San Mateo and Foster City leaders — vote YES on T!